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BULB Shows and Live Appearances

This is a long but incomplete list of appearances by BULB artist and their families. Any information that can be added to this list will be greatly appreciated.

12/31/01 Elbo Room Ypsilanti, MI  25 Suaves

Violent Ramp, No Doctors, Hair Police, Kinetic Stereokids, Mammal, 25 Suaves

What a fucking nightmare. The audience set the club on fire and killed the neighbors. Violent Ramp turned the place into a skate park and we broke up.

12/8/01 Detroit Contemporary Detroit, MI  25 Suaves

XBXRX, Red or Dead, 25 Suaves

Our homecoming show. Everyone danced naked and killed each other.

12/6/01 House Omaha, NE 25 Suaves

??, 25 Suaves


12/5/01 Monkey Mania Denver, CO 25 Suaves

Friends Forever, Rainbow Sugar, 25 Suaves

Missed FF unfortunately. Saw Rainbow Sugar's last gig. They suffuckated everyone with fog machine and killed the sound guy.

12/2/01 House Davis, CA 25 Suaves / Danse Asshole

25 Suaves, Jeff Walker, ??, Danse Asshole

The first Danse Asshole gig west of Rhode Island. A stunning success. My amp caught on fire and Mike McGuirk tried to put it out with his feet.

12/1/01 Stork Oakland, CA  25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Blec Blectum, etc.

11/30/01 Garage Hayward, CA 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Xiu Xiu, Numbers, etc.


11/29/01 Eagle Tavern San Francisco, CA  25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Resineators, Pineapple Princess, ??

11/27/01 UC Rec Room Santa Cruz, CA  25 Suaves

25 Suaves, the Lowdown


11/26/01 Kimo's San Francisco, CA  25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Crack W.A.R., ??

11/24/01 Smell Los Angeles, CA 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Nazti Skins, Zeek Shek


11/23/01 ?? Tuscon, AZ  25 Suaves

Saul, USAisamonster, 25 Suaves

USAisamonster is one of the greatest bands in the history of humanity.

11/18/01 Sugar Refinery Vancouver, BC 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Canned Hamm


11/17/01 Billy Ray's Tavern Portland, OR  25 Suaves

25 Suaves, 10-4 Back Door


11/16/01 3B Tavern Bellingham, WA  25 Suaves

The Narrows, 25 Suaves, etc.


11/14/01 Jay's Upstairs Missoula, MT 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Kill Devil Hills, etc


11/11/01 Church Minneapolis, MN 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, MC Tidal Wave, etc.


11/10/01 House Milwaukee, WI 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Neon Hunk, etc.


5/17/00 Exodus Yokkaiti, Japan 25 Suaves

Voodoo Boots, Antonio 3, Estrella 20/20, 25 Suaves


12/2/00 Fort Thunder Providence, RI 25 Suaves

La Machine, 25 Suaves, etc.

9/20/00 ?? Kalamazoo, MI 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, ??

9/18/00 Gold Dollar Detroit, MI 25 Suaves

Windy and Carl, Circle, 25 Suaves

9/23/00 Spellcaster Lodge New Orleans, LA 25 Suaves

XBXRX side band, Ernie K Doe, 25 Suaves

9/3/00 Jaques Boston, MA 25 Suaves

Deep Throats, Dog and Pony, 25 Suaves

7/6/00 Safari Lounge Providence, RI 25 Suaves

The Vexing, Cut Throats, 25 Suaves, Statue Factory

5/22/00 ?? Fukuoka, Japan 25 Suaves

25 Suaves, Velocity 5

5/20/00 Star Club Kobe, Japan 25 Suaves

RoiTan, Punky Time Underwear, 25 Suaves, Go Devils, Chelsea

5/19/00 Bears Osaka, Japan 25 Suaves

Punky Time Underwear, RoiTan, 25 Suaves

5/18/00 Fandango Osaka, Japan 25 Suaves

Yokozuna Ichiban, King Brothers, 25 Suaves

5/17/00 Exodus Yokkaiti, Japan 25 Suaves

Voodoo Boots, Antonio 3, Estrella 20/20, 25 Suaves


5/16/00 ? Nagoya, Japan 25 Suaves

Akky Beer, Antonio 3, ?, ?, 25 Suaves


5/15/00 ? Shizuoka, Japan 25 Suaves

Estrella 20/20, 25 Suaves, Quartet Los Cruzos

A little known Illegal club in Shizuoka, 20/20's Morikawasan was gracious enough to book us a show here. It was everything that I'm used to a more. I recommend that anyone touring Japan play here by all means. 20/20 were fantastic. Even better than the Tokyo show, these hometown heros got the whole crowd rocking in no time. Quartet Los Cruzos were like the Monarchs with the vocalist of Brutal Truth up front. Amazing, a take on garage that I've never seen before. Hopefully these guys will get famous and take over Japan. We stayed at Morikawa's house in the tea fields of Shizuoka and I perused through is Puffy collection that rivals even my own. Any one who knows where to get the Puffy 7 inch box set let me know.

5/14/00 F.A.B. Yokohama, Japan 25 Suaves

Howling Guitar, Jig Head, Hoe Inu, Das Boot, 25 Suaves

After 2 less than spectacular shows in the Kanto area, we were worried and moral was low. There was dissent within the ranks. Chinese food in Yokohama is excellent, we were at least privelaged there. However, the show was another problem. No one showed up. I really don't care, 6 bands mean at least thirty people, enough for any rock event. Right? We were still a little bummed at having to play first for three nights in a row (we came from Amerika, the other bands came from across the street, I guess my Japanese skills led everyone to believe that we lived in Japan) and decided that we'd just run through our songs and go. When we got on the stage something else came to our heads. We abandoned all of our songs and wrote completely new ones just for the occasion. Eventually everyone started rocking and we busted into a couple of old ones. This led to a massive jam session involving everyone in the audience, a true event. The show turned out to be great, with all of the bands giving their best in a low stress beer infused rock fuck fest. Howling Guitar were great, the guitar player is like a machine, you turn him on and he just burns. Hoe Inu were again amazing, Das Boot pulled it together to make a truly hot rocing set. A great evening and to top it off we all went for a great Chinese course dinner.

5/13/00 Y2K Tokyo, Japan 25 Suaves

Howling Guitar, Jig Head, Das Boot, 25 Suaves, Hoe Inu, Estrella 20/20, Ed Woods, Blues Bog

Right in the heart of Roppongi, this are reminded me why I never lived in Tokyo. Strange Indian men trying to get me to go see "totally naked Japanese girls" for high prices, bad expensive restaraunts, Yamamba everywhere... I walked out of the club and there were like 300 Yamamba gathered in front of what looked like a disco or something. For those of you who do not know, Yamaba are the Jap girls that sit in tanning booths for hours getting as absolutely brown as they possibly can, bleach their hair and then paint there faces with this extremely bright yellow eyeliner and lipstick. The result is about as attractive as spoiled milk. They call them Yamamba because they look like a female demon that eats men in the mountains. I used to defend Japan and say that it's not nearly as strange as people say but I have to give in here. The show was a music business event, with industry people and bands everywhere. We played first but still managed to pull off a solid set. 20/20 were great, Morikawa san has the right idea, a blend of soul and garage but done in such a pristine fashion that it can hardly be passed off as another Jap garage thing. Nice guys to boot, you couldn't ask for better. Hoe Inu stole the show. A guitar drum duo, they sound a lot like Doo Rag after an acid bath. I can't wait to hear their record. Whereas many Tokyo bands tend to be perfect to the point of bordome, Hoe Inu are certainly a stand out of scum.

5/11/00 Look Chiba, Japan 25 Suaves

Howling Guitar, Jig Head, Das Boot, 25 Suaves

A strange scene, we got to this club and felt really out of place. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant posters everywhere. Ugh. Our solution: go to the convenience store and get as drunk as possible in the 1 hour before we had to play. It worked. I was totally hammered and Fumie could bairly speak. We both abandoned our set and proceeded to recreate Tuva throat singing while vomit spewed from our noses.

5/9/00 Sublime Aomori, Japan 25 Sauves

Thugs, Cyber Yankee, Malcheez, Kick Inside, Blues Dog, 25 Suaves

Aomori is a small town at the northern tip of Honsyuu, Japan's main island. Few Japanese ever go there but it is famous for it's strange dialect and the large numbers of bizarre artists, playwrights and musicians that claim Aomori as their birthplace. Malcheez were definitely no exception to this. When I first met one of the vocalists, I thought she was somebody's girlfriend who didn't have anything to do with music but was just along for the ride. A small housewife looking girl, quiet and demure. When she got on stage I couldn't fucking believe it. There was the same girl screaming at the top of her lungs, duded out in grind core regalia, alongside a longhaired dude with black metal face paint screaming metal lyrics of what sounded like the Contortions run through a meat mincer. I was totally blown away. The remaining bands were much the same as the previous evening but sonically maximized to the power of ten. We were a bit more awake this evening and See from Kick Inside graciously lent his guitar skills. I got naked and threw up on the crowd. A great show.

5/7/00 Klub Kounter Action Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 25 Suaves

Antonio 3, Thugs, 25 Suaves, Cyber Yankee, Kick Inside, Blues Dog

The first show on our Japanese tour. It's not like I've never played in Japan before, but I was still a bit worried. We were jetlagged, tired from the 26 hour flight and the 16 hour train ride to Sapporo plus the fact that we had to shell out $100.00 for hotel room in Hakodate because an erupting volcano stopped all train service. Not good. Add to that the fact the we were playing with bands we didn't kow and had just absolutely no idea what we were getting into. I turned out to be one of the best nights of the whole tour. All of the bands were great, although we were surprised to see what an imapct the King Brothers have made over there. Antonio 3 belted out there garage hits as interpreted by a drunken freak high on rice alcohol. Amazing. Kick Inside kicked the audience in the teeth, reinterpreting the Stooges catalogue along with a heavy dose of metha-amphetamines. Blues Dog made rock and roll conversion easy, giving the people a doctrine to follow blindly. Cyber Yankee play punk rock/metal girl rock and have the second most delicious drummer in rock. Ugh. A world of pain. We rocked the house playing the only show on the tour where I actually had a voice. I caught a cold at this show and couldn't speak for a week. Thugs rocked the house but were just gearing up for the onslaught that was to come the next evening in Aomori. Sapporo ramen in excellent, the people are excellent. I highly recommend Sapporo to anyone. I'm almost sorry I didn't live there.

4/22/00 AS220 Providence, R.I. Mr. Velocity Hopkins

Sidewinder, Action Adventure Systems, Mr. Velocity Hopkins

An inpromptu show at AS220 featuring the best of the local yokels. Mr. Velocity Hopkins made a rare appearance featuring Brian Gibson Lightning Bolt, Barnyard Critters) on bass and Mr. Brinkmann on guitar/electronics. A top notch performance featuring 12 tunes each devoted to the 12 plagues laid down by God onto the king of Egypt (see the Bible (Exodus) for details.) Action Adventure Systems played old style New York junk rock. Sidewinder stole the show with some serious fast eddy licks. A blend of Amrep rock power with one of the most amazing guitar players I've ever seen, Sidewinder kick ass in any category. Soon to be a Providence staple.

4/21/00 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I. 25 Suaves, Couch

Couch, Andrew W.K., Magas, 25 Suaves

Billed as "Dance Extreme" to herald the now famous 12" series, the best of the BULB crew pulled there wits together to rock the house in a way that only the Caesars had before. 25 Sauves played a mediochre set (illness and lack of uniforms won) but Magas stole the show right from under everyone's feet. The crowd was dancin, Magas was sweatin', all the while getting everyone geared up for one of Andrew W.K.'s last Karaoke appearances. Andrew saved al his energies for the show by meditating for 26 minutes before the show then let on his full powered dance fever on the world. Amazing. The encore featured a slightly more than solid rendition of "Old Man" which led to the real meat of the evening, the long awaited reunion of rock bastions Couch. A violent reinterpretation of the Couch repitoire led to a bloody pit of injuries and dripping flesh.

3/25/00 Bulb Clubhouse Providence, R.I. The Suffacators, Temple of Bon Matin

Temple of Bon Matin, Olneyville Sound System, The Suffacators

Possibly the most amazing Temple show I ever seen in my life. Ed had these crazy kettle drums strapped around his neck and was beating them furiously all the while this 8 foot tall, 300 pound black dude (John Price) was ripping out these killer Sonny Sharrock ala Ritchie Blackmore riffs. Fucking amazing. I really haven't ever seen anything like it. The Suffacators are a punk band from New York, featuring songs like "Suffacation", "Asphyxiation" and the hit, "Conversation". Olneyville Sound System came from across the street and rocked the house as usual. Fuck, yeah.

3/18/00 Bulb Clubhouse Providence, R.I. 25 Suaves

The Wet Look, 25 Suaves, Eloe Omoe, Bullet Theory

Another great show at the Bulb Clubhouse. Bullet Theory from Boston came and gave us their rock deliverance. 25 Suaves played probably their best set in months possibly due to illness or maybe because Lightning Bolt chickened out. Woosies. The Wet Look had a PMS attack and the whole turned into a shouting match between the guitar player and herself. What exactly IS a mix? By far the big standout of the nite was Eloe Omoe featuring Sam of Chickita, bass goddess. I had thought that they were a blip bloop electronic band but they turned out to be the loudest ROCK band in Boston. Amazing. They're welcome back anytime at the Bulb Clubhouse.

3/10/00 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I. 25 Suaves

Raw Dog, Oneida, 25 Suaves, Bullet Theory

Raw Dog preached the word again, as usual, this time featuring Colin and Tom of Bullroarer fame. Oneida rocked the house with their special brand of MC5 style rock. A wonderful evening.

2/25/00 Jaque's Boston, MA 25 Suaves

Five, 25 Suaves, Bullet Theory, ?

2/19/00 Bulb Clubhouse Providence, R.I. 25 Suaves, Mikey Wild

Barnyard Critters, Andrew W.K., Mikey Wild, 25 Suaves

A fabulous evening. Possibly the best show I've seen this year, we told two people and two hundred people ended up showing up. 25 Suaves played to warm the crowd up for the real acts. Mikey Wild performed a fabulous set, wooing the crowd into a sing-a-long frenzy. Andrew W.K. then proceeded to deconstruct the whole event and make it into a techno dance event with girls shedding their clothes and guys laying down dance moves like Congressional acts. Barnyard Critters laid the farm beat down heavy. Everyone came out black.

12/31/99 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I 25 Suaves

Barnyard Critters, Temple of Bon Matin, etc.

Craziness, It was freezing cold, Y2K had already hit in Egypt and we were playing outside at Brinkman's request. I spilled a beer on top of my amp and it was frozen before it even hit the ground. Punkers came and yelled for Minor Threat covers. I did an uninspired arrempt at 12XU, failed intentionally and nearly got into a fist fight with the guy. Drunk, cold and full of endorphines. They say that one of the first signs of hypothermia is hallucination, I can fully attest. Everyone was jumping and eventually I got everyone to get naked. Imagine that, a yard full of shirtless men jumping uncontrollably in the absolute freezing cold.

12/18/99 Jes' House Providence, R.I 25 Suaves  
12/17/99 Aspara Providence, R.I MVH  
11/27/99 Seoul Korner Ann Arbor, MI 25 Suaves Magas, Wolf Eyes, The Whales
11/26/99 Congress Theater Chicago, IL 25 Suaves Magas, Wolf Eyes, Nautical Almanac, Quintron, Miss Pussycat, Metalux, etc.
11/6/99 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I 25 Suaves, Mikey Wild

Mikey Wild, Mr. Slugg

One of the greatest honors I have ever had is playing bass for Mikey Wild. A truly magical evening and a rare chance to see an overlooked piece of history in the flesh.

10/29/99 Pipeline Records Somerville, MA MVH  
10/28/99 71 Troy St Providence, R.I 25 Suaves

"Rolling Stones Night"

We did all Rolling Stones covers. Jeff was leaving the following week to go back to Japan. We miss him and can't thank him enough for the incedible amount of hours he put into this band.  Thanks.

9/3/99 Jaques Boston, MA 25 Suaves Dragon Fly
8/28/99 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I 25 Suaves Holly Golightly, ?
8/7/99 Abbey Lounge Somerville, MA 25 Suaves Wolf Eyes, Mind Flayer
7/15/99 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I 25 Suaves Arab on Radar, MKUltra, Rahbrahs
11/20/99 Tap Room Princeton, NJ 25 Suaves Quintron, Miss Pussycat, French Kicks
4/12/99 Elvis Room Portsmouth, NH 25 Suaves King Brothers
4/10/99 MIT Boston, MA 25 Suaves King Brothers, Fat Day, Teach Me Tiger
4/9/99 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ 25 Suaves King Brothers, Swinging Neckbreakers, Knoxville Girls
4/8/99 Safari Lounge Providence, R.I 25 Suaves King Brothers, Olneyville Sound System
4/6/99 Bug Jar Rochester, NY 25 Suaves King Brothers, ?
4/5/99 Mohawk Club Buffalo, NY Bulb All-stars A truly embarrasing evening. Thank god no one was there. 
4/4/99 Mohawk Club Buffalo, NY 25 Suaves King Brothers
4/2/99 Gold Dollar Detroit, MI 25 Suaves King Brothers, Wolf Eyes, Metalux
4/3/99 House Lansing, MI 25 Suaves King Brothers, Universal Indians
4/1/99 Roby's Chicago, IL 25 Suaves King Brothers, Wolf Eyes, Metalux
3/29/99 The Burt Reynolds Club Jonesburg, MO 25 Suaves King Brothers
3/27/99 Barrister's Memphis, TN 25 Suaves King Brothers, ?
3/26/99 Tasty World Athen, GA 25 Suaves King Brothers, ?
3/25/99 Tokyo Rose Charlottesville, VA 25 Suaves King Brothers, ?
1/20/99 Jaques Boston, MA 25 Suaves Nautical Almanac, Wolf Eyes, ?
9/9/99 Bears Osaka, Japan 25 Suaves King Brothers, Fat Day
  Club Chaos Yokkaiti, Japan 25 Suaves Voodoo Boots, Dragon Bakudan, Motor Chicken Bash, Antonio 3
  Under the Bridge (?) Osaka, Japan 25 Suaves Depths, Transceivers, ?
  Star Club Osaka, Japan Aikawa Kei ?
  Bayside Jenny Osaka, Japan Yokozuna Ichiban Gelugugu, ?
  Bayside Jenny Osaka, Japan Yokozuna Ichiban ?
  Bears Osaka, Japan Aikawa Kei  
9/11/99 ? Fukuyama, Japan MVH Fat Day, ?
5/2/97 Subterraneans Osaka, Japan MVH Mendama Gyorori V, Koa's Band
2/10/98 Bears Osaka, Japan 25 Suaves King Brothers, Voodoo Boots
7/17/97 Imagawa Dream Osaka, Japan MVH Pocket Kinoko, Love, Aikawa Kei, Lot 6
9/8/97 Club Metro Kyoto, Japan MVH ?
11/23/96 Bayside Jenny Osaka, Japan Destroy All Monsters Monde Bruits, Violent Onsen Geisha
12/?/96 ? Nagoya, Japan Sinda Maguro Mitai ?
12/?/96 All Bar Osaka, Japan Sinda Maguro Mitai Yokozuna Ichiban
1/?97 All Bar Osaka, Japan Sinda Maguro Mitai ?
3/31/99 House Iowa City, IA 25 Suaves King Brothers, Burmese
11/14/96 Fort Thunder Providence, R.I MVH Melt Banana, Olneyville Sound System, ?
  Fort Thunder Providence, R.I Pterodactyls Quintron, Miss Pussycat, Shriek
  Fez New York City, NY Pterodactyls His Name is Alive
  Maxwell's New York City, NY MVH His Name is Alive
  Middle East Boston, MA MVH His Name is Alive
7/2/98 House Allston, MA 25 Suaves Bullroarer, Yokozuna Ichiban, Eloe Omoe
7/3/99 Tuni Inn New Haven, CT 25 Suaves Yokozuna Ichiban
  Bears Osaka, Japan MVH (Lost Frog Night) Ultra Fuckers, Hard Core Dude, ?
  Bears Osaka, Japan MVH Shincho 2m, Hard Core Dude
11/25/95 Warehouse Philadelphia, PA MVH Temple of Bon Matin, Mikey Wild
  Bug Jar Rochester, NY Pterodactyls Temple of Bon Matin, Coffee
1/28/94 Czar Bar Chicago, IL Couch Flying Luttenbachers, Jackwacker
5/5/95 Chamber Madison, WI MVH Jackwacker, Flying Luttenbachers, Xerobot, Duotron
5/6/95 Milk of Burgundy Chicago, IL MVH Jackwacker, Flying Luttenbachers, Xerobot
5/12/95 Green Room Ypsilanti, MI Couch Scissor Girls, Duotron, Flying Luttenbachers
  Ajax Records Chicago, IL MVH Scissor Girls
  Lounge Ax Chicago, IL MVH The Many Moods of Marlon Magas, Scissor Girls, Duotron
7/16/95 NNWAC Gallery Chicago, IL Fake MVH Flying Luttenbachers
8/11/95 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL Couch Flying Luttenbachers, Scissor Girls, Space Needle
9/29/95 Green Room Ypsilanti, MI Pterodactyls Temple of Bon Matin, Flying Luttenbachers
4/5/96 Green Room Ypsilanti, MI Pterodactyls nautical Almanac, Lake of Dracula, Demolition Doll Rods
  Huron House Ann Arbor, MI MVH Tono Bungay
  House Ann Arbor, MI MVH Drag King
  Huron House Ann Arbor, MI Pterodactyls  
  Huron House Ann Arbor, MI Big Ben's Christian Blues "Free Wade"
  Huron House Ann Arbor, MI MVH  
  Green Room Ypsilanti, MI Bulb All-stars Princess Dragon-mom
  Zoots Detroit, MI Pterodactyls Galen, ?
  Next to Zoots Detroit, MI Pterodactyls Aces High, the Whales
  Zoots Detroit, MI MVH Galen, ?
  Alvins Detroit, MI MVH Ghost, Bullet in the Head, V3
  Zoots Detroit, MI MVH Bullet in the Head, Galen
  Lab Ann Arbor, MI Couch Laughing Hyenas
  Alvins Detroit, MI Couch Laughing Hyenas
  St. Andrews Detroit, MI Couch Royal Trux
  Lab Ann Arbor, MI Couch, Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink, ?  
    Flint, MI Hwaseem Wig
  Old Miami Detroit, MI Hwaseem Wig
  Old Miami Detroit, MI Hwaseem Cop Shoot Cop, Cum Dumpster
89 Graystone Detroit, MI Lou Gherigh Experience Cum Dumpster, ?
89 House Ann Arbor, MI Lou Gherigh Experience  
89 House Ann Arbor, MI Lou Gherigh Experience  
89 House Ann Arbor, MI Lou Gherigh Experience  
89 Heidelberg Ann Arbor, MI Stumpwater Mol Triffid
91 Heidelberg Ann Arbor, MI Hwaseem Azalea Snail, Supreme Dicks
91 Heidelberg Ann Arbor, MI Slot, Totem  
91 House Ann Arbor, MI Hwaseem Wrench, Cornelius Gomez
  House Ann Arbor, MI Hwaseem Cornelius Gomez

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