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So what's the idea with this page? Simply enough, it's a list of most of the titles in my personal collection. The idea of presenting a list serves several purposes. First and foremost, it's simply a list! ^_^ Several friends have asked about what my collection consists of, so I put this together. It also has given me an opporunity to go through my collection to see exactly what I have. In doing so, I've come across titles I haven't viewed in years. Guess what's next to the VCR right now! ^_^

As alert readers may have noticed, many titles in this list are not available commercially in the United States. I've been collecting fansubs for a while now. I am not a fansub ditributor. I make no claims or offers. But, I can, on occassion, be talked into trading copies. For obvious reasons, titles that are presently commercially available in the US are not available, but there is much on this list that is. If you want to discuss possible trades, feel free to e-mail me so we can discuss it. Maybe I have something you've been looking for, maybe I'm missing something that you think I'd enjoy. We'll never know until we discuss it.

Thanks for visiting this page!

The list is organized alphabetically. The majority of tapes contain 4 episodes per tape although most of the commercial tapes have only two.

I have also noted where I have the manga versions of certain titles. These are the Japanese-language editions only. My manga collection contains quite a number of titles that are not listed here only because I don't have an anime title asociated with it. Further information on manga follows the list.

This is the first time I've put up a page like this, so I imagine there will be some changes over time. If you have any comments regarding my collection, see the end of the page for details. Now...

On with the list!

By a quick calculation, this comes to more than 400 hours of anime viewing, imagine doing that without a bathroom break! komatta!


Okay, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to manga. I've been too disappointed with the quality and integrity of translated material to ever really enjoy an English version of my favorite titles. Okay, a couple of Viz comics snuck their way into my home, but only because I hadn't found the Japanese version and I needed a fix. I'm happy to say that two of my favorite series, Ranma 1/2 and Koko wa Greenwood are complete. (The final Ranma tankouban was ordered and paid for before it was even released and I was, in most likelihood, the first person in Rhode Island to see the end of the series and the infamous wedding story). A small thing to be proud of I'm sure, but satisfying nonetheless.

Manga Wish List

But it doesn't end there. I have more titles I'd like to collect, and more series I'd like to get complete sets of. Unfortunately I can't make it to Boston as often as I'd like, so my collection grows in spurts few and far between. If you have any of the below titles and would like to sell, trade, or whatever, let me know. In some cases, I'm looking to complete collections, in others I'm looking to build a new collection. I prefer tankouban editions, but in extreme cases, the phonebook manga series may be considered (but the shipping charges are murder!) Now, the list...


Comments, suggestions, or pretty much anything you have to say is pretty much welcome. E-mail to tumble@ids.net. E-mail is a good thing!

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