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Tumbleweed's Corner


Well it's about time I finally updated all these pages! If you've been here before, expect to see a totally new collection of pages. Everything that was here is now re-worked, updated, and edited. Links that used to go to dead-ends are now complete. No more dead links! There are also new sections to see. Everything works! Everything's new!

It's been almost a year since I've done any serious work on these pages, but I have new impetous to follow up on evrything here. That being you of course. Some of you visiting here may be e-mail friends I've made overseas. some of you may be friends I've made all over the U.S. Some of you may be here because you heard there was something to learn here. Heck, some of you may even be family! (hi dad!). Anyway, check out what I am now offering...

I've done a lot of work here. Seems that every page I wrote spawned two more pages. To quote J.R.R. Tolkein out of context... "The tale grew in the telling."

First up is the Photos page. Wonder what I look like? How about what I looked like 20 years ago? Family? Friends? the city of Providence?
This is also where I'd like to add a couple of more pages with photos you send me. Check out ther Personal Photo Album page and the Providence pages for more information concerning this.
Also for my Japanese friends, I've added a short profile page (written in Japanese only)
(Warning: graphic intensive pages, but worth it!)

Next is Tumbleweed's Computer Shack which covers my passion for vintage microcomputers and related projects as well as my involvement with the Retrocomputing Society of Rhode Island and our various projects. Check out the news section and photo gallery for the RCS/RI millspace and a running inventory of acquisitions. I've added many more pictures since last year... see us grow! Retrocomputing enthusiasts should also visit the Resources section for FAQs and links of interest. A must-see for the serious computer history buff.

Do you like anime? Manga? Know what they are? ^_^ Then visit Tumbleweed's Anime and Manga Page Lots of stuff here! Lists of personal collections, likes and dislikes, FAQ reprints from rec.arts.anime.misc and rec.arts.manga. I've also revived the Anime Pocket Guide into a new indexed form and reprinted the Yale Anime Society's 100 Most Essential Words in Anime.

This next page used to be called, "Learning Japanese Is Hard!!! Page. I've since changed my mind about that. Well... okay, Japanese is still a very difficult language, but it's not as hopeless as I once thought it was. Now I'm calling it, Tumbleweed's Guide to Learning Japanese. Aside from the usual collection of like-minded links, I have reprinted some interesting articles and discussions on the learning and history of Japanese. I've also got some of my own suggestions and tips and tricks for turning Japanese into a manageable language for anyone to learn. Don't miss the indexed version of the Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese!
Oh, and as a final bonus, check out my reviews of books on things Japanese!

This is a new section I'm trying out. It's my Comics Page. Check out what's happening with your favorite comic strips past and present. Rediscover old favorites, discover new favorites. (Warning: graphics intensive page, but in my opinion, very worth it.)

Oh, and don't forget to check out my Links Index for a list of all of the links used in these pages as well as some of my personal favorites that do not necessairly fit within the above categories. This list will be updated regularly as new links are discovered.


If you have any additions or suggestions for my pages, please, don't keep them to yourself! Write to me and share your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to respond to my e-mail address: tumble@ids.net. E-mail is a good thing! I have also added ICQ capability so check out # 14791133 to see if I'm online and available.

Thanks again for visiting this page. Here are links to my other pages for your viewing and information pleasure. Click below! ^_^

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Tumbleweed's Computer Shack

Tumbleweed's Anime and Manga Page

Tumbleweed's Guide to Learning Japanese

Tumbleweed's Comics Page

Links Index

So go ahead! Check it out! Like what you see? Then send me mail! Comments? Whatnot? Go for it! at John Teehan aka Tumbleweeds at tumble@ids.net!

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