Anime and Manga Info Page

Anime and Manga Info Page

Welcome, Seeker of Knowledge!

You've now entered a page with some of the best information resources available for fans and enthusiasts of anime and manga. Here you will find the most recent versions of FAQ lists and guides, or at least links to them. ^_^ And don't forget to send some mail back with your comments and suggestions.

First to offer is the latest FAQ for rec.arts.anime.misc. This is a great resource for both newbies and old anime hands such as myself. You'll find references to classic anime as well as issues related to anime today. I'll make a good, honest effort to keep this archive updated with the usual official release.

Second, to go with the previous list, we have the FAQ for rec.arts.manga. This page is particularly good for its list of terminology, info on pricing, and more. If you enjoy manga, don't miss this FAQ!

This next page is especially priceless. The 100 Most Essential Words in Anime. With just this short vocabulary, your comprehension and enjoyment of anime and manga will grow immensely as common, but confusing Japanese words and expressions are explained in detail.

And finally my favorite section of the Info Page, the Anime Pocket Guide - Project '98! This is a reformatted version of the classic pocket guide, and a call for fellow fans to aid in updating the information to reflect the world of anime in 1998 and beyond. Please visit this page and contribute to it. This is a project for fans, and for the benefit of fandom.


If you have any additions or suggestions for my pages, please, don't keep them to yourself! Write to me and share your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to respond to my e-mail address: E-mail is a good thing!

Thanks again for visiting this page. Here are links to my other pages for your viewing and information pleasure. Click below! ^_^

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