Jesse Zbikowski

Box 266
Bear Creek, PA 18602


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Computer Science, May '98
GPA: 3.7

Contract Experience

Embedded Developer, Mind NV - Leuven, Belgium
Dec 03 - Sep 04

Embedded Systems Integrator, Zbikowski.Net - Portland, OR
Aug 02 - Nov 03
Systems analyst and development coordinator
  • Lead development of Japanese Ebook device using HardHat Linux, Qt/Embedded, and custom drivers
  • Constructed PC-based prototype software for Linux settop box, including audio and video acquisition and processing
  • Wrote Linux device drivers for medical pump and sensor

Web Application Developer, AI Graphics - Portland, OR
Mar 02 - Aug 02
  • Wrote content management software for Internet audio/video application in Perl and PHP
  • Supervised development of credit-card billing software
  • Wrote web-based email client and contact manager

Technology Instructor, Heald College - Portland, OR
Nov 01 - Feb 02
  • Taught networking hardware and software at a post-secondary level

Embedded Tool Developer, Lantronix - Hillsboro, OR
Jun 01 - Aug 01
  • Wrote configuration wizard for RTOS and TCP/IP stack
  • Implemented developer collaboration environment, including CVS and Wiki

Software/Hardware Integrator, Network Elements - Beaverton, OR
Jul 00 - Dec 00 Developed embedded telecom management interface
  • Wrote Perl software to parse hardware specifications and generate C API's
  • Founded software team to support SONET/10GbE switch

Network Software Engineer, AI Graphics - Portland, OR
Sep 99 - Dec 99
Senior development consultant to software development startup
  • Designed software architecture and network security for distributed multitier Internet gaming application
  • Implemented socket-based TCP/IP client/server communication layer and client prototype
  • Implemented Linux server components in C++ with STL and CORBA
  • Lead development and debugging in Linux and MS Visual C++ environments

BIOS Consultant, Intel Microcomputer Research Labs - Portland, OR
Nov 98 - Feb 99
Systems-level software integration
  • Code and integration of proprietary BIOS algorithms in IA-32 assembly
  • Embedded debugging using hardware circuit emulation (ICE) in a Windows NT development environment

Digital Video Engineer, SGI Advanced Entertainment Systems - Mountain View, CA
May 97 - Aug 97
Embedded C (IRIX) and MIPS (R4k) assembly programming for high-end digital video interface card (DiVO)
  • Wrote kernel profiler to assess resource usage of embedded video software in C and assembly
  • Developed error-checking mechanisms for embedded memory allocation
  • Ported audio-compression code written for IRIX workstations to embedded environment
  • Perl 5 scripting to support hardware and software integration

Software Engineer, Ascom Nexion Acton, MA
May 96 - Apr 97
Embedded C++ (GNU/SunOS) programming for multiservice AMD29K-based ATM switch
  • Designed and wrote realtime C++ embedded device drivers for the alarm subsystems on various network interface cards (Ethernet, OC3, Frame Relay)
  • Developed automated regression test suite for embedded object services (built on VxWorks RTOS, RogueWave and STL libraries, and FSU Pthreads)

Computer Lab Manager, WPI Computing and Communications Center - Worcester, MA
Aug 95 - May 96
  • Hired and managed 25 part-time employees, including payroll responsibilities
  • Developed Linux (Perl 5 and shell) software to automate in lab management tasks

Staff Programmer, WPI Admissions Office - Worcester, MA
May 95 - Aug 95
  • Wrote and maintained admissions software for WPI's electronic application

Academic Distinction

Upsilon Pi Epsilon computer science honor society (WPI president), Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics honor society, ACM (WPI officer), Jon C. Strauss award (WPI 1996), Putnam 500 (1996)


Include audio and video software, embedded kernel development, network protocols and security, cryptography, compression, language processing (natural and programming), graphics and entertainment programming


Proficient in C++, C, Perl, Lisp, IA-32 and MIPS assembly, Unix shell (Korn/Zsh), Python