Bad Moon Rising – Zodiacal Offset 2012

An astrologer who never buys flowers, meat or shines one’s own shoes is a misinformed one.

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The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.

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In this lightweight essay, we peruse the term astrologer instead of “astrologer”. An alternative would be “astrologist”. It is clear that this planet never had one. Namely, the zodiac and ascendant set have been established only recently, conclusively August 2006.


How does a miserable astrologer earn one’s bread? Mostly by parroting equally miserable astrologers. Here are some of the most deprecated antics that will make one sick and tired over the years as repeated over and over again, in lack of any education or purpose proper.


The favorite nonsense and superstition, provably wrong as denounced by the selfsame authorities who perused it in lack of vision relevant. Victims are persuaded in worshiping this alleged position while at the same time being served abundant evidence as to the folly in using it. One hand dangles the antidote while the other keeps feeding the poison.  


An astrologer who never buys flowers, meat or shines one’s own shoes is a misinformed one. One does not have to know 500 directions in order to divine your lifetime in seconds as the timeline of your life, love affairs and remarkable events is easily calculated by memory. Shoeshine boys, butchers and florists have been entertaining their clients with the exact date for their next marriage or love affairs since time immemorial. No need for pen, pencil, wheel chart, ephemeris or god forbid computers. The simple art of fast prediction is available for everyone in minutes twenty minutes precisely. A life scan takes no more than quarter an hour. Next marriage takes seconds - minutes in rare cases. One does not have to be astrologer for that, in fact: one better not be one at all. Astrologers will be the last to learn how to divine since they will be the last to know their own horoscopes. Let the simple folk divine for them, then - simple calculi like all loves, marriage and timely death included. One does not know one’s own natal Sun-sign, ascendant and position of the Moon. These can be very mysterious for an expert - e.g. one can have Sun in Orion, Moon in Auriga, ascendant Eridanus. Experts will of course deny their own natal positions as they have been working with wrong data for a lifetime. Let the dictator know the minute of one’s won death then: at least this date one can not deny at all. And the best is that every shoeshine toddler can feed such basic data! An astrologer who never buys flowers, meat or shines one’s own shoes is a misinformed one.  


Astrologers don’t use “transits and progressions” at all. These techniques may be used in embellishing the art, such as calculating the second of your next marriage using ascendant ephemerides. Astrologers use directions. Shoeshine boys use directions. Butchers use directions. Florists use directions. They may not peruse 500 types but sticking to a few simple directions will do. When there is no transit or progression, directions determine events. What goes as transits and progressions are in fact minor directions. The main direction is the most precise one: secondary angular direction. Extra-zodiacal positions of e.g. comates, centaurs and dwarf planets are handled by this direction with paramount accuracy. When we determine the second that WW3 starts or stock market crashes, we use the secondary angular direction of the global ascendant and the Moon. Thus, a global event can be predicted for ascendant Eridanus with local[*] Moon in Corvus.


An astrologer knows your life stream before the chart is printed. Sun-sign not needed at all. Timing the events from early childhood towards marriages and death is easy and fast[†].


Warning beforehand without ever correcting suggests the following: “Dear reader: as you and I know[‡], all data in this book are offset (polite for mangled) but we shall not correct them at all in pretending that we do have a tradition to defend”. Moreover, as we are all encouraged to work with wrong data (sic) we shall issue a license for you only if you continue to do so.


”Denouncing one’s own antics makes common praxis as the author warns the reader of a certain correction that should be applied but it never actually does as one makes progress through the work at hand. Namely, zodiacal offset being unknown to astrologers[§], a certain correction would sometimes apply as if offsetting would be easily patched by a quantity of disagreeable[**] degrees.



We lied and will continue to do so. We are facing minor problems, like seven (7) signs of zodiacal offset. That should not bother you at all: you are still in good hands (poker wink). Please, bear with us as we are definitively not working on it at all and never intend to. We never even knew that there was any error at all. We care for your natal data, mangled or otherwise damaged to hell. The program says that the Moon will rise in twenty minutes. Whatever you see over the eastern horizon, however Moon-looking round and full of splendor can not possibly be the announced astrological Moon at all.  


You have been warmly warned that according to tradition you don’t look at the sky: you firmly believe in wrong data as traditionally perused by all blokes, you name them. Parrot it all, get a diploma and find yourself intellectual skid row to live off for lifetime.


The common folk are kept on their toes by this allegedly important as well as fatal position of Mercury. The sad truth is that any planet going retrograde gains karmic momentum in being stronger than a direct position in a horoscope. As any nonsense, this one is used in lack of relevant data. As astrologers have not the nearest idea of what or where Mercury might be, they make it sound important that it’s retrograde. The scapegoat was found. They finally have something to blame for their own idiocies other than Saturn.


Yellow men like to laugh at jokes about harmony and understanding. It seemed convenient to strum a chord or two in honor of demoncracy, faux age of harmony and death of the innocent. Capitalist greed infected the minds of many through apparently peace-loving songs. The ugliness of faux demoncracy repeats itself over and over again through its real military core: since when the military flag is a democratic one? While belly dancing tales over the idle lesbian population, mothers burry their sons. Fake after fake, the greedy and pervert easily rule over the would-be greedy and pervert, the poor pervert adorn with cheap perversion in the land of anything goes while it sells for free[††].


Apart from Woodstock, much as the split[‡‡] average of Pisces, the upcoming average of Aquarius marks no special events for the eventual survivors in 700 years from now. Instead, the second, third, present and remarkable Age of Pegasus somewhere at the end of the third Æon of Cetus does mark the return both of the Good and Evil one.




Read about it till October 14th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall into the wrong hands, do you now?


22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus

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 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


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[*] Topocentric - requires altitude. No horoscope is ever made without entering local altitude.

[†] 20 Minutes Astrology.

[‡] Everybody knows. “I confide with you about selected secret information concerning an error as visible as the Sun on a sunny day, etc, etc…” The reader is coaxed into secret cooperation with the author whose intentions never were to correct any mistake at all. “I sinned. All I ever did to you and the rest was an error. Pardon me and read on.”

[§] As defined only recently. See Zodiacal Offset. This offset approaches seven constellations by now.

[**] There is large disagreement about correction: you guessed it. Amazingly, no one would think to use systems which need no correction at all, being based on observable phenomena.

[††] As soon as one can e.g. at least download perversion for free where Uncle Scrooge still rules holds sway.

[‡‡] The Æon of Cetus splits the Age of Pisces in two.