Hayagriva’s Labyrinth – Approach & 2017

Prophecies for the Age of Pegasus II

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Æon of Cetus 2012 Age of Pegasus 2017

The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.

Tarot fans and astronomers will easily memorize #1622.


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You shall not sample my[*] DNA[†].


Hayagriva[‡] is seen as Pegasus in its appropriate Age[§]. As the return of knowledge is naturally not to be seen with grace by the stalled forces of darkness and evil, knowledge may not be welcome[**] at all: still, it is here[††]! Even when damaged, knowledge[‡‡] naturally returns to mankind or what is left of it towards year 2017.  


Hayagriva’s Approach - Labyrinth

Traps are set for the 6 777 777 777 as knowledge is trap. True Mind is knowledge while default ego is binary babble stopped short[§§].


Some will rise while many shall fall[***]. Many of the last shall be first.


Read about it till October 14th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall into the wrong hands, do you now?


22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus


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Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


 2012-Nov-23 00:00  m   Lib

 2012-Nov-26 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Nov-29 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Dec-02 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


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2012 Uranus in Cetus








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13th Ascendant Ophiuchus


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[*] The avatar speaks. The avatar’s DNA shall not be sampled. Imitation is of no avail. No one has ever determined the zodiac: this is the first and last determination of the zodiac and ascendant set for planet Earth. RTRRT is “served” for the brave (the initiated, of course) as DVLCIS IN FVNDV.

[†] The avatar has a different DNA from the 6 777 777 777.

[‡] Associations with Hayastan and even the Armenian ghetto in Venice are as possible as welcome.

[§] Age of Pegasus II, ditto.

[**] The composer of the original Pink Floyd ensemble may be regarded as a sort of incipient “martyr” of these times. Namely, in his Chapter 24, he may have felt that Hayagriva’s approach.

[††] Knowledge is here to stay: the Academic Zodiac has been defined.

[‡‡] Culture. In our case, stellar culture in the Age of Pegasus, the Academic Zodiac and Precessed Ascendant Set.

[§§] TMD. True Mind Distiller.

[***] Alludes to the extreme positions of Venus. See also Age of Pegasus.