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The zodiac has 22 stations; there are 16 ascendants.

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Now that you possess some incipient idea of what Astrology is or should be; how do you recognize a false astrologist? Take them all false by default and you can not fail! Nevertheless, in case you want to have some extra fun, here are some infallible symptoms in a crook. There is nothing that crooks fear and hate most than the real observable skies.

The objective of the expert is to remain one in the eyes of one’s asinine public. In order to do so, one will possibly ridicule even the astronomer. This sort of confrontation usually drowns in disinterest on the part the non-thinking public. The public never had astronomy in primary school while the educated ones left zodiacal matters to “astrology” by default.

That is to say, the faux astrologer wins by default. The public is not thinking and will easily agree upon NASA having no idea of any of their own natal skies at all. NASA is not in charge of any natal skies at all! You would not entrust NASA with your own horoscope, would you?  

Warming up is important in any burlesque. Make it a very expert astrologer, one with preferably 50 books in print with 50 million followers, if available. Here are some preliminary questions to ask your favorite expert:


“Do you know the position of your natal Sun?”

“Have you any idea of the ascendant set?”

“Have you ever seen the Moon?”


·        Before any interview starts, let us elucidate one important point. All planetary positions are rendered, calculated as well as regularly updated by astronomers.

·        Let us put this one straight one more time: astrologers don’t calculate planetary positions at all. Most of them in fact would not know how to calculate even a simple arithmetic equation. If they would know how to, they would never need a computer, as anyone can have anyone else’s life events predicted with great accuracy by memory. Next marriage in seven years. Love affair mid May. No need for pen, pencil, lipstick, calculator or god forbid computer for such elementary prediction. Incipient astrological divination is something anyone easily absorbs in less than half an hour. Call it 20 Minutes Astrology or download it as PDF file.

·        The output of an “astrological” program is therefore nothing but astronomy mangled.  Mangled astronomy goes as astrology. This point will be elaborated to some detail as follows. 

·        Astrologers don’t calculate any planetary positions; neither would they know how to calculate anything at all. Calculation is strictly in the domain of astronomy.

·        The sources for planetary positions are normally Harvard MPC and NASA JPL.

·        The present astronomic standard is the IAU standard. Said established criterion nicely fits the traditional constellation borders.

·        As astrologers have no calculating skills, how do they provide data for their host?

·        The answer is as simple as obvious: they take the data from relevant sources. In other words, they take the data from astronomers.

·        By now, everything seems to be going smooth: astrologers took data from them astronomers. Nevertheless, here is where troubles start.

·        The astronomic data don’t fit the expected astrological ones! One has to make them fit. This absurd Procrustean operation is best performed by corrupt scientists.

·        Said scientists know what the real planetary positions are. Also, they know they would never sell them to the wider public. The public was trained to want fraud. This is nothing new, being a plain Vedic truism. Man wants to be swindled upon, especially with flattery of any kind.

·        Here is where trouble has start as one produces faux ephemeris that will run crooked programs. These will be decorated with as many kindergarten nonsenseis as to seem “authoritative” to a bloke. Many believe that those programs really output their planetary data!

·        When you hear of “Aries ascendant”, it is those crooked programs that made confusion again, since there is positively no such thing as Aries ascendant in the present skies. Just take a look at east and you shall see no Scutum, Sagittarius, Scorpius, Capricornus, Gemini or Libra rising in the eastern skies. This point was elaborated to some detail. And by the way, Scutum is a zodiacal constellation.  

·        There is nevertheless a positive “traitor” in the system as some astrological programs in fact do provide the original natal data for one. At that stage, the data weren’t mangled at all. This is true of any planetarium programs that something pop out when you click on the “wrong” menu item. Usually primitive as well as unattractive, these planetariums do show the real natal positions. Of course, they are never used. Properly directed, one could extract a great quantity of relevant data even from the most unlikely programs that spawn out online superstition.

·        Sometimes all one needs is a proper switch or code. Of course, people as interested in truth are quite a minority, especially among would-be astrologers.

·        True Mind interviews default mind. This like exorcism, theurgy or King Solomon’s interview with the Devil. Nevertheless, a Bodhisattva can interview Maya, as it were; a paradox from the Advaita Vedanta “viewpoint”, to be understood: bad karmic yoke.   

·        Essentially; whatever gets interviewed, exorcised or subject to inquisition is default mind. This binary mind being of the devil, personal or otherwise unique and global; will evade any interview, logic and scientific proof, as it relies solely on reactive mind. No need for proofs in reactive mind! The scientific population already voted astronomy. This tiny but thinking part of humankind may nevertheless be amused even with a failed inquisition of the sort.

·        Astronomers already confronted horoscope makers. The interview would usually fail as from the one side we would have inspection while from the other belief. The astronomer would be accused of lack of belief, while the astrologer would be judged on account of lack of astronomical preparation.

·        Will greatly speak of “tradition”, especially where there is none.

·        Will evade any technical detail.

·        Will faithfully repeat nonsense over and over again. This childish trick succeeds in refusing any rational input, proof or illustration. You don’t exist, go away. The real skies do not exist. Only “tradition” (?) exists. Now that we have removed real skies as an unwanted complication (sic!), we can parrot every nonsense and be believed.

·        Will evade any scientific question, rationale or proof.

·        Will retain oneself as “educated enough” for the job at hand.

·        Will retain observation as unnecessary for the task at hand.  

·        Will suggest that NASA has no business in astrology at all.

·        Will know better than Ptolemy.

·        Will suggest Nostradamus as an astrologer.

·        Will remain oblivious as to the source of astrological ephemerides.

·        Will refuse to answer what one will consider silly and obvious.

·        When confronted with an unpopular system, one will deny it.

·        When confronted with a popular system, one will allow for it.

·        Will say that the Vedic system “does not oppose” the “western one”.

·        Something that opposes does not oppose when popular, only when unpopular.

·        Whether the missile actually aimed at us depends on the popularity of said missile.

·        Will positively be disturbed at the idea that he is not an astrologer at all.

·        Will worry at the idea that he will never be one, astrologer or anything else.

·        Will feel uncomfortable in being burnt at stake over those one’s own publications.  

·        Will have no idea of zodiacal constellations.

·        Will not know ascendant set.

·        Will be surprised at hearing about one’s own life and death in seconds.

·        Will hide behind his asinine followers.

·        When exposed, will talk of “tradition”.

·        Will assume that he is an astrologer.

·        Will assume that he knows where the planets are.

·        Will assume that he knows where the cardinal points are.

·        Will refuse to take a glance at east.

·        Will confuse the zodiac with ascendant set.

·        Will refuse to take a glance at the skies.

·        Will hardly guess Sun-sign given seven chances.

·        Will refuse to guess Sun sign.

·        Will preach twelve ascendants.

·        Will; refuse to show an ascendant in the real sky.

·        Will have Aries as an ascendant: Aries is not an ascendant.

·        Will retort with “Vedic tradition”.

·        A false astrologer has no idea of one’s natal Sun.

·        Said crook will like to talk very much of transits and progressions.

·        Will like to call oneself expert and weave various diplomas.

·        Will be established as unquestionable authority.

·        All asinine people are wiser than NASA.

·        Will confront oneself against astronomy.

·        Will never know how to calculate a cotangent.

·        Will be completely oblivious to the 500 directions.

·        Will assume that one’s own readers will still be as stupid the week after as the week before. Counting on continuity in reflexive stupidity from one’s own host affords for being able to skip over facts: no one will check upon facts. 

·        Will childishly repeat an endless litany featuring things that never existed at all.

·        A planet has one position only that, however irrelevant said fact, always of course is both sidereal and tropical.

·        Said crook will speak of difference, whether in “agreeing with both” (oh boy!) or disagreeing with one of them. The proper status is disagreeing with both.    

·        There never was any sidereal or tropical system. Said bloke will speak unceasingly in defense of one or both non-extant things.

·        The worst of the asinine will firmly “believe” in tropical ever-Aries Sun at spring equinox, as if such feeble misbelieve could stop precession. At this point said bloke can become dangerous. As default mind duly cracks under the pressure of facts, one may collapse, especially during a TV show. One’s whole faux identity gets exposed, career ruined, character ridiculed. As the weight of one’s sins against mankind reach the ears of UNICEF informed, one has to account for all children who were misinformed as to their true identity. Such pressure no one can bear: the old man could have a heatstroke in public!

·        Unfortunately, default ego will not lack in arguments. The accuser will try and hold grasp on his host by the weight of years and millennia of ignorance and superstition. As even foul tradition demands respect, generations will still go oblivious to the true zodiac.

·        Now, the whole matter may assume political dimensions. The zodiac suddenly ridicules national geniuses, bigwigs as well as TV authorities. Happened before. The lynch mob was after the astronomer, some determined to kill the man; as if shooting dead an astronomer would help one feel better. This is an attack against the Devil: the Devil will defend itself to the bitter end: hopefully soon. How soon?

·        The survivors will witness 2017.  


The cetacean[i] years 2011 & 2012 mark interesting times. At present, the zodiac is vanishing from the web due to a timed deadline. Thousands of publications will expire by mid October 2011, never to be republished again. Make your download till October 14th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall in wrong hands, do you now?


22 zodiac signs

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2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus

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[i] 2011 Jupiter and most planets in Cetus. 2012 Uranus in Cetus. We live in the Æon of Cetus; Age of Pegasus.