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Cetus Chronicles

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  1. The zodiac is not and never was common knowledge.

  2. Whatever was stolen from the temple was not the zodiac.

  3. The so-called stolen zodiac was deliberately handed to the thief in the temple as kindergarten token. The real zodiac was never handed to the commoner. Being too liberating1 in a commoner, the zodiac soars aloof.

  4. While the commoner plays with false identities2, the zodiac remains hidden. Any false identity is interchangeable with another, since none of them makes any sense in a wise3. On the contrary, the superficial will crave for and accept just any faux identity for lifetime4.

  5. The devil does not know the zodiac.

  6. The inorganic pest hates solar system dynamics.

  7. The plague of man has enslaved humankind through default mind.

  8. Through default mind, the devil suggests all kind of nonsense to people who fancy it as their own thoughts or even inventions.

  9. The devil is adamant as to its own hate towards solar system dynamics.

  10. The commoner is of the devil.

  11. The devil's hate towards the true skies is its demise and fall.

  12. The devil falls soon in the Age of Pegasus II.

  13. The devil is exorcised by the zodiac.

  14. The introduction of the true zodiac marks the fall of the devil

  15. Venus in Pegasus and Cetus mark the final fall of the devil in the Æon of Cetus II.

  16. The devil is not invited to mass. Default ego gets discreated by true mind. In that way, Prahlada Maharaj celebrates the true zodiac.

  17. The lion slides on the snake.

  18. The commoner is not entitled or even addressed in any use of the zodiac at all, much as the devil would not normally5 be invited to mass.

  19. In order to argue false zodiacs, the devil demands closing one's eyes on the true skies. The devil's hate of solar system dynamics stem from the fact that it is an alien in said system.

  20. The devil can not possibly stand, observe or even imagine precession, mathematics or sphere trigonometry.

  21. For the devil the Earth is flat, the Sun is forever in Aries fro spring equinox as it always rises at east. The diabolical “system” thus has no season, precession or even stars proper.

  22. The Earth is not flat at all.

  23. The universe is not fixed.

  24. The Sun is presently “in Cetus” for the spring equinox.

  25. The Sun does not determine the zodiac at all.

  26. The Sun normally does not rise at east.

  27. The zodiacal operator is licensed in the use of the zodiac.

  28. The commoner is exempt form zodiacal operations and thus from one's own identity.

  29. The premise is that the commoner will never notice a six-sign shift, not even at winter-time.

  30. In order not to notice any zodiacal offset at all, one is exempt from observation.

  31. In the overpopulated urban areas much as in most of the areas as infested with light pollution, observation is made impossible.

  32. Observation is not necessary at all in scanning the zodiac, as any zodiac can be scanned in minutes. Scanning the ascendant set takes seconds.

  33. Throughout history6, there have been partly successful attempts in scanning the ascendant set and zodiac, the example of the lion gliding on the snake marking clear understanding of the zodiac – ascendant dynamics in an observer of times.

  34. The commoner7 assumes any given or faux identity for lifetime.

  35. The commoner was told that the sun rises at east (not true!) while it crosses twelve equal stations. While everybody knows that such an assumption is, to say the least, simplistic; let us in brief browse through some incipient astrological precepts, as follow.

  36. The zodiac is not, never was and never will be common knowledge at all.

  37. Astrology is astronomy.

  38. The zodiac and ascendant set are easily scanned either by naked eye, a small telescope or using any superfluous device one sees fit.

  39. In other words, anyone can clearly see the sixteen rising and twenty-two zodiacal constellations with one's naked eye.

  40. Anyone with any decent lack of default mind will observe the zodiac.

  41. Anyone with any decent lack of default mind will observant in a zodiac.

  42. The zodiac, local8 ascendant set and thus the horoscope is properly scanned in active dreaming. The priest records, but never comments said dream.

  43. The scanning of the ascendant set and zodiac thus requires no technology, consensus or human eyes at all.

  44. The zodiac and ascendant set are scalable as IAU compliable, NASA compatible and MPC upgradeable.

  45. Scientific astrology operates at any point in space and time. Sea depths, Himalaya, North Pole, Cruithne, Space Shuttle, comets, dwarf planets, Oort cloud objects: the horoscope can be readily set at any place in time.

  46. Astrology is on the topic list of the IAU.

  47. The IAU has been informed as to the recent zodiacal changes from P to X zodiac and back into standard Academic Zodiac9.

  48. There are many local zodiacs10.

  49. There is one zodiac for the planet.

  50. The standard zodiac for planet Earth is the Academic Zodiac.

  51. There are many planetary zodiacs11.

  52. There are several planetary zodiacs12.

  53. The planetary zodiacs are numbered13.

  54. We properly speak of “zodiacs” since e.g. The Sun does not venture into Auriga, the Moon does14.

  55. The X-zodiac and P-Zodiac were temporary planetary zodiacs, still in licensed use.

  56. The expanded zodiac counts over 40 constellations.

  57. The zodiac shrunk to less than 30 constellations.

  58. The shrinking of the P-zodiac preceded its expansion to X-zodiac.

  59. The standard Academic Zodiac counts twenty-two constellations.

  60. Yahweh clearly addresses at the precession of the Vedas in the Age of Orion. Non-precessed divination is forbidden in a Levi.

  61. The twenty-two initiations of the tarot are zodiacal constellations.

  62. Every planet enters Cetus.

  63. Every planet enters Orion.

  64. Every planet enters Ophiuchus.

  65. Not every planet enters Sextans.

  66. Some ascendants ares sometimes zodiacal.

  67. There is no such thing as sidereal or tropical zodiac.

  68. There is no such thing as twelve ascendants rising at east.

  69. The zodiac was never properly scanned until recent.

  70. The ascendant set remained unknown to “humanity” since the time of Brahma.

  71. Albeit fragments of knowledge can be found in China, Egypt and Mexico, also with many tribes like the Navajo, Cherokee and Hopi; the zodiac was never properly scanned along with the ascendant set. Surely there are and were tribes in every part of th world, some of which amaze with zodiacal precision in many respects, but such devices as e.g. Nabta Playa are for now not useful at all in daily astrological praxis.

  72. The devil will never accept solar system dynamics at all.

  73. The followers of the devil will never accept the zodiac proper.

  74. Only the 144000 will observe the true skies.

  75. How many astronomers do we have on the planet?


16:22 stands for the 16 ascendants and 22 zodiacal stations.

16 ?

There are sweet little 16 ascendants rising at east.

22 ?

22 is the total number of the zodiacal constellations of the New Zodiac.


Tarot fans can easily remember the number of zodiacal constellations, since 22 coincides with the number of the major arcana of the Tarot. Conversely, geomantic 16 is applicable to the court cards of the Tarot.

  1. The Sun does not determine the zodiac15.

  2. The Sun does not rise at east16.

  3. The ascendant set is subject to precession.

  4. The current ascendant set is meant for the present epoch.

  5. Various epochs display different ascendant sets.

  6. The current epoch of devolution shrinks the ascendant set to only sixteen.

  7. There is little difference between peoples in epochs devoid of ascendental versatility.

  8. The Tarot of the epoch being I Ching geomancy displays sixteen characters.

  9. Tarot initiations are assemblage points.

  10. O5IRIS is the assemblage stargate of immortality.

  11. The ascendant set and local zodiac near genetic imprint.

  1. Magick was last seen as worn by a Slav, “Franz” Bardon17.

  2. Franz Bardon redesigned the three Tarot initiations in a diligent.

  3. The diligent are an army of 144000.

  4. This 144000-strong army is not “human” in the common sense at all.

  5. The zodiac is for the 144000, not for the masses.

  6. The last sky may be visible in the Age of Pegasus.

  7. Some of the 144000 may see 2025.

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1Tye devil shuns salvation, right? Much as default mind shuns true mind, so the commoner avoids the true skies.

2The sum of false identities is marked as default ego.

3If true mind would compare false identities, it would give preference to none. The witness is a witness, not an actor. The puppets exchange false identities in a world where personalization is impossible as default mind is equal for all. People turn to animals in their despair and lack of self, but the default pet shop administration swindles upon them once again.

4Any faux identity will do: they are meaningless and thus interchangeable. There is nothing really personal in a yellow cell-phone, thus the stress on “personalization”.

5Objection accepted, as the lord regent is auto-invited to every party.

6Here we deliberately omit “human” in concordance to the purpose of the report.

7Within the present zodiacal exercise, the word “commoner” replaces “default mind”.

8A strange use of words, indeed. The meaning conveyed is “local in time”.

9Historically labeled as N3-zodiac.

10Planetocentric Astrology.

11The statement includes the P and X zodiacs.

12The statement excludes the P and X zodiacs.

13The recent IAU conference decided as to the nature of planets in a restrictive maneuver. Recently, Pluto has been re-negotiated as slightly “larger” than Eris. The difference is still under debate.

14See Moon in Auriga series. Tarot lovers will like to assign Moon in Auriga to the straying Fool of the Tarot.

15The Sun does not in itself determine the zodiac at all. The planets do.

16Except for two brief moments during the spring and vernal equinox. At spring equinox, the Sun is touching the stars of Cetus, thus “Sun in Cetus”.

17The original name bears Slav origin.