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Æon of Cetus 2012 Age of Pegasus 2017

This isn’t a drill: 22 zodiacal constellations; 16 ascendants. 

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MING 1588

Avoid Dick[*]! Once upon a time Ming flashed at us while threatening Hollywood from one of his own nuclear submarines[†]. Now that Ming’s gone (“Thanks Flash!”), we are in need of a new global[‡] enemy: suffice e.g. define it at random by any tribal-looking cannibal (“Thanks, Andy[§]!”) we found at the corner underground stop by any drugstore at hand. Times have changed. It’s understood that in yahootubespace the Antichrist (finally!) Dajjal is an evil reptilian Annunaki shape-shifting Nazi Jewish banker: any doubts?  OK, let us proceed with our infallible research forever.


And don’t worry for the vase. Ivanhoe broke it. Who paid for the vase? Since time immemorial; and time is money, Jewish Nazi shape shifters shaped every vase, broke it on demand as well as paid for every vase broken at home and abroad as well. The collection of amphorae at Mortlake must be huge by now. Not only vases were broken, but also hope, fast and our heart away.

Read about it till October 14th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall in the wrong hands, do you now?


22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus


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Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


 2012-Nov-23 00:00  m   Lib

 2012-Nov-26 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Nov-29 00:00  m   Sco

 2012-Dec-02 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-05 00:00  m   Oph

 2012-Dec-08 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-11 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-14 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-17 00:00      Oph

 2012-Dec-20 00:00  m   Sgr


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[*] Tracey Chapman has a song.

[†] Happened months ago: see Yellow Submarine series for US & Canadian casualties.

[‡] We already have the enemy of solar system dynamics: the astrologer. Astrologers namely hate the guts of this solar system since it hardly fits into their kindergarten marble halls.

[§] Cannibals normally roam Manhattan, thus the pun and book.