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The purpose of this FAQ is to clear out any doubts as concern Academic Zodiac & RTRRT pricing. Namely, as catalogs, digests and bulletins tend to abound through the past decades; one may find the material historically conflicting as concern pricing:

 “Is that ascendant 50 € or 500 €?”



The services are mostly for people who are sincerely interested in their true natal skies.


The original horoscopes were made for nobility. Nobility was often referred to as Inner Lodge. The Outer Lodge referred to something as the House of Commons, so-to-speak: insiders who will nevertheless never hold all the keys to initiation, due to their own status.


The Academic Zodiac system was never meant for the commoner at all. It was understood that people generally don’t have any interest in their true self and thus original natal skies.


Since original pricing entailed nobility, pricelists for the general public could be considered as democratic excursions. Experimentally, there was a period when the true natal ascendant was offered for 50 €, the nominal price being 500 €. In a Robbing Hood versus the good nobility of Somethingham scenery, the Lodge asked: “Why do we have to pay 500 € for something that any bloke can earn for 50€?” The rationale is that the initiate deserves more than the bloke: call it feudal nonsensei, but so it appeared: we were stealing from the rich in order to give to the poor. But who has, to him shall be added!  


What can be negotiated? The 11000 CHF horoscope can be seen as a growing project, meaning one starts with sending 1000 € or 500€ as money transfer allows. The current preferred method is PayPal.


Click here in order to send 500 € via PayPal.   


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11000 CHF

Nominal price for the complete horoscope: 11000 Swiss Franks. Already the most basic service[*] entails over 500 objects of interest. A detailed scan can expand through hundreds of pages. Historically, the reports came in two formats: 15000pp for the Inner Lodge and 250pp for the Outer Lodge, where pp stands for pages.  


500 €

The price for the VIP Gold service was set as central. What defines basic price is seriousness. It was thought that anyone sending over 500 € can be trusted as serious customer, and thus given extra initiation, besides due standard in personal zodiacality.  


All negotiation depends on how much one’s life is really worth to one. “No life is worth 11000 CHF” is an absurd statement to meditate upon. One chooses between happy life and even afterlife[†] or a lifetime of chaos. Save some cash for other pragmatic purposes than true natal skies and have the wrong organ cut out, enjoy bankruptcy and divorce that girl that loves you dearly. There is a dangerous world down there as beset with soon fantastic seven signs of zodiacal error: this is called the six sign zodiacal offset for winter nativities.


Once one is determined towards a horoscope and RTRRT service, one’s personal power determines the rest. As basic price has been set as 500 €, negotiating under 100 € is probably improbable. However, horoscopes have been done for 50 €, the historical popular price for the ascendant[‡]. Someone purchasing a 10 € RTRRT publication can not expect to receive initiation or assistance as someone paying for the VIP O5MIUM level.





All this must sound very feudal[§] to our democratic friends[**] who are eager to share[††] whatever © or initiation. Well, there may be countries and lodges offering initiation, purse of gold and hand of Helen of Troy for free. In the past, wars have been waged in order to obtain occult secrets that have nowadays been made available to everyone for a few earnable bucks. That luxury for the commoner should suffice in any sincere seeker. While no lodge is able to offer the secrets if Instant Magick for any money at all, the RTRRT system sells mostly at the price of a schoolbook. Consider your 100 $ investment against 100 000 $ and choose Instant Magick against regalia, panoply and poise. If a 32nd degree Mason can profit from RTRRT, so can the rest. Aleister Crowley would immediately download a heavy RTRRT package as available conclusively with October 15th 2011. Know who you are, the times you live, the Æon. Enjoy your stay and fare well to other worlds: nothing can transcend personal experience within that infinity that is you.   


Sometimes, keyboards don’t readily convey the signs that you want to type. As one alas has to type one character in order to obtain another, the right one, one may grow used to the gambit. As soon as one comes across a perfect keyboard, one is baffled as one’s already accustomed to e.g. type “z” in order to obtain “y”. In that way, bad habits from the past have been forced unto us, and when angelic help cometh, we are baffled: “Did I ever have any true real natal skies at all?” “Yes, you have them now!” You are walking in Memphis.  




People who are afraid of anything new can nevertheless negotiate a horoscope that looks normally. While enjoying their familiar wheel chart, the calculations are nevertheless accurately performed according to true astronomical skies. This proposed gambit leaves the customer with a familiar horoscope printout, while complex calculation resulting in accurate predictions is performed in the background. In other words, keep your superstition as curtain while we do the right stuff backstage. The customer  usually hardly privy to any ideas as concern directions[‡‡] such as the secondary angular direction having any would require VIP O5MIUM initiation as service. As people truly interested in their true natal skies must be rare, we leave this option for the general public who wants to be informed while keeping superstition as something dear to them, like first Teddy bear as found toxic in a child. By superstition we primarily address twelve ascendants, flat Earth and fixed Sun, mostly what had been done to astrology from East to West over the æons.










Read about it till October 15th 2011 when the revealing publications are alas scheduled for timely self-destruction. You don’t want the strategic zodiacal as well as magical material to fall in the wrong hands, do you now?


22 zodiac signs

16 ascendants

2012 AEon of Cetus

2017 Age of Pegasus

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Academic Zodiac: because it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


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We know your horoscope. Your true natal horoscope. Stay connected with the right dots across your original starry skies: 22 zodiacal stations, 16 ascendants.  Trust your real stars: Academic Zodiac. Ophiuchus Ascendant - Real natal ascendants & Sun-signs. Thank you for being supportive towards the IAU, much as tolerant towards Harvard MPC in embracing NASA JPL as your true natal planetary positions. Academic Zodiac #1622 #RTRRT Zodiac, ascendant set, house system, directions, dwarf planets, comets, centaurs; objects of interest, reality rendering: case solved all astrology assets in one

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[*]True natal ascendant. The popular price was set as 50 €, however, the nominal price for true natal ascendant remains 500 €.  

[†] O5IRIS, Death Discreation, Immortality, Life Extension, Bogeyman, Longevity Express, Oberon V Master Initiation.

[‡] True eastern guardian angel, one of the 16 ascendants for the current epoch.

[§] Europe and mother nature are feudal: this is both. The tarot is feudal. The Academic Zodiac is Tarot.

[**] And in fact it is.

[††] © Copyright breach already soars in mid-air: availability of initiation may be restricted. Already as of October 15th, the multimedia files will no longer be available online or offline: end of story for those who wanted a complete inexpensive self-initiation within the commodity of their own home.

[‡‡] Apart from said customers, professionals are hardly privy to any directions. It takes some 500 directions to predict.